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Outing - Big Twin Lake
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10/07Board Meeting - STC
10/15Fly Tying Roundtable - Evergreen Covenant Church, Mercer Island
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10/21Dinner Meeting - STC - 75th Birthday Party of the WFFC. No speaker and no featured tier.
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11/04Board Meeting - STC
Outing - Penrose Point (WETBUNS)
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11/18Dinner Meeting - STC - Kelly Galloup, fly tier, author, guide and lodge owner on streamer fishing. Kelly will also be the featured tier.
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5:30 Wet Fly, 6:30 dinner

12/02Board Meeting - STC
12/16Dinner Meeting - STC - WFFC Christmas Party. No speaker or featured tier.
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5:30 Wet Fly, 6:30 dinner


Thank you:

The Washington Fly Fishing Club sincerely appreciates your generous support of our annual fundraising event.

Project Healing Waters

Learn more here about this great WFFC-supported program to help our recovering US Service members through fly tying and fly fishing.

The Fly Tier's Roundtable meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

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An ethical angler does more than what is required and less than what is allowed.
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